Sunday, 22 August 2010

Flemish Fortifications

 At the battle of Mons-en-Pévèle, the Low Countries forces used their wagons as protection. They deployed on a hill in a line which which wide and thick. Their camp was behind them. Between the troops and the camp were the wagons; wheels were taken off to make it difficult for the French to shift them. DeVries and Verbruggen discuss the battle in some depth.
 These are my attempt; I used Magister Militum's wagons (they have a huge range!). The tents are Baueda - the small straw ones have since been redesigned. The camp followers and (IIRC) the pavises are from Donnington.
Once I had painted and installed the pavises, I realised I had done the arms of Ypres in reverse - they should be a red cross on white. The modern arms with a section including vair date back to the late 14th century.

See the side bar for a great webpage with loads of links to pictures of medieval carts.

I used this in my first DBMM competition this month. It counts as TF. It is quite useful as it can be placed anywhere in your deployment area, not just around the camp, and successfully helped to defend my flanks in at least two battles.


Vexillia said...

Nice work Pete. An original piece of wargaming real estate.

Swampster said...

Thanks Martin

Unlucky General said...

Always enlightening and an enjoyable read. Have you wargamed that battle yet?

Swampster said...

Not yet. I have my French to finish. The knights are well under way but I'm having a bit of a break from heraldry for a while!
Mons en P should be interesting though. It shows that the French could try more advanced taactics that just a head-on charge.

Lorenzo said...

Excellent job, I like them a lot.

neldoreth said...

Inspiring imagery here!