Thursday, 20 August 2009

Just a quick post today.

I went to Caliver a couple of days ago and picked up some books from the period. Two of them I hadn't seen before, though I have some others in the same series. These have both been published in the last 12 months.

One was about the Almughavars:

And the other covers the conquest of Valencia by James I of Aragon.

Both are in Spanish with some nice Osprey style plates. There are a fair few black and white photos of original sources although, as with Osprey, there are also several pictures from later periods (e.g. 19th century) which aren't so useful. Most of the primary source pictures are ones I've seen online but some are new to me and it saves looking for them if you haven't already found them.
I can't read Spanish, but as with other non-English books I've bought the specialist vocabulary can be picked up quite quickly, making captions reasonably straightforward to translate. Online translators also help, as long as you take the translation with a sizeable handful of salt.
The publisher's website is here.

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