Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A Siege and Relief game

I've posted a few pics of this game before, but here are some more.
You'll need to click on them to see the whole view.

The rationale behind the game was that Henry VII didn't die but received the Sicilian reinforcements (which were actually on their way when he died) and returned to besiege Florence.

Florentine forces protected the city while the Pope led Roman and Tuscan relief forces. In reality, by this point the Pope was based in Avignon, but we took some artistic licence.

The total size was around 800 AP per side, bigger than a normal DBMM battle.

This is a scratch built siege tower - WWg(S) in DBMM terms. The perrier on the tower is also scratch built. (Click on the photo to see it). I'll have to add some figures to these sometime.

Angevin paid French and Almughavar mercenaries take on the Emperor and Veronese supporters.

The figure with the ladder arms is based on Cangrande della Scala, ruler of Verona. The figure to the right of him bears the Montecchi coat of arms. This may have been the family on which the Montagues of 'Romeo and Juliet' was based.

The Pope under pressure from Aragonese Sicilian knights. Most of his guard crumbled rather quickly (despite being Sp(S)) and, with the Roman knights already eliminated, his command broke and fled soon after this picture was taken..

Luckily for the Guelphs, the Emperor was also in trouble - this was his final turn.

The battle was close all the way through and in the end a Florentine general who had sallied forth managed to survive two flanked combats while a Sicilian general survived one flanked combat but lost the second, breaking his command and the rest of the Ghibbeliine forces.

We intend doing something similar again. I'm currently trying to make some resin towers which look more Italian, though it has been quite a learning curve.


Donogh said...

Just discovered your blog via a link on Geektactica.
Great work on that siege tower.
Love the Pope's litter! Nice conversion obviously, but really like the pavises and monks.

Swampster said...

Thanks Donogh

Christopher Anders said...

Love your site. The figures look great, by the way. Any issues with keeping the lances and shields on theMrliton figs?

Swampster said...

Hi Christopher.
The shields and lances can be a problem. I probably have one come off in most games. I try to remember to glue lances on before undercoating and metal to metal bonds more effectively. I leave the shields off until last so that they don't get in the way and this means that they sometime come off, bringing the paint behind with them. A second gluing is usually much stronger.