Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Figure Comparisons: 15mm Crossbowmen

A lot of threads on various sites ask about comparative sizes of various makes of figures and whether they would work together.
There are some good sites around but I thought I'd do a few comparisons of my own with my narrow focus.
First up are crossbowmen - unpainted to begin with.

Left to right on each row: Black Hat, Alain Touller, Mirliton, Donnington, Legio Heroica

The last two are a bit heftier than the others though part of the LH height is due to the helmet. I have mixed Black Hat and Touller figures on the same stands - and I'm pretty fussy about such things :)
The LH figures are from the Crusades range, representing late 12th century, as I ordered the wrong codes. They'll find a good home somewhere though.

I have some Essex crossbowmen too, though none unpainted. I really like the look of the Vexillia ones though they are designed for a later period so only a few have the right headgear for the period I'm looking for. I shall keep my eye on the Khurasan Swiss range which is in progress to see if crossbowmen are included as these should fit.

I'll try to get some pics of painted crossbowmen figures soon.


Anonymous said...

Not that's useful photo. Well done. I'll be referring my customers to this page. Thanks Pete.

Mark said...

Mmmm.....I wanted Legio Heroica but I really like the Black Hat Feudal spearmen. There's absolutley no way I can match the two - even on separate bases.

How 'blocky' are the Legio Heroica - it's hard to tell by the photos of the infantry - there's a certain old Mike's Models about the Cavalry?


Swampster said...

The LH are a bit chunkier than the otehr ranges I have but not excessively so. They look okay side by side with Mirliton, for example, but I wouldn't want to put these on the same base.
The only LH cavalry I've painted so far are some Arabs. They are lovely to paint and look nice. They are a bit bigger than some other ranges but again aren't too bad.

Riccardo Bixio said...

Which reference does it have the Black Hat crossbowmen in the top corner? I really like it to mix with my AT, but I cannot find it in the Black Hat Online Shop, neither in the feudal nor the crusader range. Thanks!

Swampster said...

Hi Riccardo,
He is Fe25 Italian Crossbow from the feudal range.